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Border Security
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Border Security
Core Services - Border Security

PNG shares a 720km land boundary with the Republic of Indonesia that traverses a variety of terrain, ranging from swampy coastal plain in the north and south to rugged mountain ranges in the centre. The PNGDF should provide a frontline response to minor territorial incursions, resource poaching, acts of terrorism, drug running, illegal arms imports, and other infringements of sovereignty that are beyond the capacity of the police and border authorities.

The remoteness of the location necessitates a well coordinated inter-agency response but also the need for armed response and capabilities unique to the Defence Force.

A small, versatile, mobile element capable of protecting other Government agency personnel and also projecting a Defence presence along the border is essential.  Typical duties would be to secure crossing points, mount and conduct patrols and provide ready reaction forces, resupply and CASEVAC, ideally with modest (organic) rotary wing support.  Such duties will require troops to deploy from barrack areas to forward operating bases to conduct operations and provide support. The elements operating on the border should be supported by sufficiently robust intelligence, effective command and control systems, tactical air mobility, and logistic support and personnel services to sustaining operations for several months at a time.

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