Core Services
Border Security
Maritime Surveillance, Patrol and Response
Public Order and Security
Disaster Relief
Fulfilment of International Obligations
Nation Building
Core Services - Nation Building

The PNGDF has a constitutional responsibility to contribute to Nation-Building, however, this assistance is restricted to applying military skills and capabilities developed to perform core security operations. In other words, support to Nation Building is an important Government task, but it is not a ‘force determinant’ from a structure or capability development perspective.

The Defence Force, when provided civic action funding, is to be able to provide Nation-Building options to Government ranging from infrastructure development to medical support in remote rural and island communities.  Nation building tasks provide Defence the opportunity to promote National Government standing and legitimacy in remote rural regions with relatively low levels of public expenditure in either infrastructure or service delivery.   Military civic action, when delivered professionally and strategically, is often cited as an effective way to promote acceptance by recipient communities of National Government legitimacy and authority for the maintenance of public order.  Proactive civic action projects which contribute to the maintenance of public order and social wellbeing of potentially disaffected communities, is one of the Military Options provided by the PNGDF for Government to employ during the current phase of National Development.  It is important to stress, however, that the PNGDF recurrent budget is appropriated for the development of core military functions and services to protect PNG’s sovereignty.  Separate Government allocations are established for Defence expenditure on Civic Action programs such as the District Road Improvement Program, Green Revolution Concept and potentially tasks associated with the development of the PNG - QLD Gas pipeline in Western Province.

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