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Public Order and Security
Core Services - Public Order and Security

The maintenance and restoration of public order is primarily a constitutional responsibility of the Royal PNG Constabulary (RPNGC).  However, given PNG’s socio-economic circumstances and the difficulty faced by the RPNGC in protecting critical infrastructure in remote areas, there remains special call-out contingencies that Defence may need to respond to when requested by Government.

As any perceived potential breakdown of public order could adversely affect PNG’s social and economic well-being, the PNGDF should be resourced to sustain a credible capacity to perform critical infrastructure protection in remote locations and assist the RPNGC with the restoration of public order.

The PNGDF therefore requires tactical air lift capability to enable the rapid deployment and sustainment forces deployed in direct support of the constabulary to assist with the preservation of public order. The Military Response Option (MRO) also includes the need to respond to in extremis events (such as terrorist incidents).  The PNGDF’s ability to fulfil these duties in complex or remote terrain should be largely derived from existing military skill sets and equipment rather than new force structure considerations.  A high degree of cooperation with PNG’s external security partners needs to be established to ensure national and regional security interests can be managed effectively during potential times of crisis.
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