Key Assumptions for Defence Planning and Force Development 2008-2012

The critical assumptions on which this Plan is based are as follows:

  • The analysis of the strategic environment contained in the 1999 White Paper remains broadly appropriate.
  • Papua New Guinea enjoys a uniquely favourable strategic situation against the threat of conventional military attack, however, the emergence of terrorism in our region has revitalised the importance of strong regional security dialogue and cooperation with our security partners.
  • Events of 11 September 2001 and recent terrorist attacks within the Asia-Pacific region impact directly and indirectly on PNG’s security environment and the stability of the region.
  • The PNGDF regular personnel ceiling will remain capped at 2000 at least until the year 2011.
  • The PNG DOD funded strength of 166 will remain until the year 2011.
  • NEC decisions 88/99, 213/01, 239/01 and the proposed Defence Act (amendment) Bill 2005 will provide the baseline from which all Defence reform recommendations are to be based.

Fundamental Inputs to Capability (FIC)

FIC are those inputs considered fundamental to the delivery of military response or core services.  They have been consolidated into a single checklist to ensure consistency across the PNGDO.    The FIC are a guide that may be used to quantify and evaluate capability investment requirements.  The application of resources to respective inputs will influence but not create capability in its own right.  Each application supports in some proportion those capabilities essential to the delivery of core Defence services to Government.

Fundamental Inputs to Capability Relationship


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