Defence Corporate Objectives 2008

Balancing Government reform objectives with the need to continue delivering core national security services, Defence will focus on the following objectives in 2008:

  • To provide Military Response Options (MROs) to Government in the event of territorial incursions by state or non state entities involved in acts of terrorism, armed piracy, drug running, illegal arms trade and other infringements of sovereignty which are beyond the capacity of other  Government agencies.
  • To use capabilities acquired for sovereignty protection to assist with regional surveillance and selected peace-keeping / peace enforcement security operations within our region.
  • To provide advice to the Government on the review and formulation of defence and national security policies, and pursue management practices which ensure the most effective and efficient use of Defence resources.
  • Develop and implement a performance audit program to assist Senior Defence Committees with monitoring, evaluating and coordinating Defence Renewal activities and new initiative proposals.
  • To attract, develop and retain highly skilled, educated and motivated people for a clever and professional Defence Force.
  • Develop an information technology support system for identifying resource management decisions needed to maintain PNGDF preparedness levels.
  • Consolidate existing bounds of security co-operation with Australia, Indonesia and New Zealand, and maintain effective strategic co-ordination with other international security partners.
  • Contribute to international security operations as deemed appropriate by Government.
  • To rationalise the Defence Estate holdings and promote reform initiatives to reduce the spiraling administrative costs within the Defence budget.

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