Government Policy Objectives and Reform Agenda

Government's Defence Policy Objectives are:

  • to defend Papua New Guinea and to protect its people, land, territorial waters, EEZ, natural resources and critical infrastructure;
  • to maintain close defence partnerships with our regional security partners;
  • to assist in the maintenance of security in the South Pacific and to provide stabilization assistance to our Pacific neighbours; and
  • to play an appropriate role in the maintenance of security in the Asia-Pacific region, including meeting our obligations as a member of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG).

Defence Renewal Program

The Government’s Defence reform agenda seeks to strengthen the capability of the PNGDF to deliver its core services over the next decade, within approved budgetary constraints.

The principal tasks driving the current stage of the Defence Renewal Program (DRP) are:

  1. The transition of the PNG Defence Organisation (PNGDO) to a new integrated structure;
  2. The development of effective Corporate Governance and Accountability systems of management;
  3. The development of sustainable military capability; and
  4. The maintenance of Defence Force preparedness to conduct security operations.

  The DRP builds upon the Defence Reform concepts for the ‘build down’ of personnel numbers under the retrenchment program and the ‘build up’ of capability under the Four Pillar Philosophy of better utilising Technology, Multi-Skilling, Commercialisation, and Quality Systems Management.  The DRP develops the linkages between the Commander’s intent for the ‘build-up of capability’ with the Government’s Public Sector Reform program.

The DRP policy objectives listed above form the basis for the Management Action Plan (MAP) enclosed at the end of this document.  The MAP describes the major activities to be undertaken by respective Branches and Divisions within the PNGDO in order to progress the renewal program.  PNGDO Branch and Division business plans form the basis project design, budget submissions and monitoring and evaluation by Senior Defence Committees.

Supporting Improved Governance and Accountability

The development of effective Corporate Governance and Accountability systems of management is the outcome sought by the introduction of the Four Pillar philosophy which requires Branch and Divisional business plans to manage the application of Quality Management Systems, Multi-Skilling, Commercialisation, and introduction of Technology to improve our institutional efficiency and operational effectiveness. Branch and Divisional Business plans are the key management instruments to apply the Four Pillar Philosophy to enable the Senior Defence Committees to identify projects that will assist with the on-going reform of the PNGDO. These management processes inform the dialogue with Defence Cooperation partners and provide Government with the assurance that Defence remains a public institution worth investing in.  Similarly, the transparency of these processes supports confidence building measures with our international security partners, who through their support assist with developing a ‘professional and accountable security partner’ for future coalition operations in our region and beyond.

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