Preface by the Minister of Defence

The first duty of the Papua New Guinea Government is to provide for the security and defence of our nation and our national interests.  Government must ensure that we have defence capabilities to respond to a range of security contingencies and provide options to assist regional stabilisation initiatives that promote our national interests. As such, I am pleased to release this second update of the Defence Corporate Plan 2007 – 2011 which is a key strategy document that links the management of the PNG Defence Organisation, with the Government’s Medium Term Development Strategy (MTDS) and Defence reform agenda. Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategy to develop those military capabilities required to meet the Nation’s medium term security challenges.

The Defence Force role in contributing to national and regional security directly assists the Government with attracting foreign investment in support of PNG’s economic development program.  We must recognise, however, that our current security environment is challenged by many strategic, social, economic, political, and environmental issues which continue to impact on the ability of the Defence Force to deliver services to Government within its historically low budget setting.  In confronting these challenges, the Defence Executive recognises that the Department and Defence Force must work as a united organisation.  Key to the adoption of a united approach is the development of a strategic management framework that incorporates our traditions and customs of service with the requirement to develop and fund new military capabilities and organisational practices to meet evolving security challenges.

This Government’s approach to national security continues to promote Defence Cooperation programs within our immediate region as an important part of our strategy to promote sustainable regional stability and national security. Our reasoning for this is the simple proposition that PNG can only be secure in a stable region where we enjoy good relations with our neighbours.   The Defence Corporate Plan supports our regional security confidence building measures by providing transparency in our military policy settings. The Defence Corporate Plan forms part of our strategic management framework which links Defence policy objectives with development projects and associated major activities to ensure our reform program remains aligned with Government security interests. 

Defence recognises that it is only one of many organisations competing for the financial resources of Government. At the same time, Government recognises that no other national institution is required to be able to do so wide a range of tasks or to respond and deploy at such short notice.  To assist with developing the business case for increased Government investment in the Defence organisation, the Defence Corporate Plan 2008-2012 sets the framework and agenda for the rebuild of Defence capability over the coming decade.


Minister for Defence

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